Core Contributors

Core Contributors

Jack0x (Tech - Solidity)

Jack0x has been writing Solidity, C++ and has been contributing to various blockchain projects since 2016. He has developed the majority of Stacker Ventures smart contracts and is currently working on the code for Governance v1.

benkei 弁慶 (Strategy)

Benkei spent his early career in finance before becoming enamored with Ethereum and its potential to replace that current system with one that is open and accessible to all. He is passionate about building efficient community governance.

Jonas "JB" Bayes (Strategy)

JB has been building companies across the sharing economy and blockchain markets for around 8 years. After founding a consultancy and cofounding a blockchain payments company, JB spent a good portion of the last few years guiding and vetting projects under one of the larger blockchain venture firms.

Tony (Tech)

Tony has developed software for over 13 years. A rockstar coder and entrepreneur who’s spent the last half decade building projects in the wild wild west of crypto, Tony respects anyone who has read and tries to follow the book Clean Code.

KROM (Strategy)

KROM has led parallel careers in both marketing for some of the world's largest companies and building a number of blockchain ventures.

And More

We also have more devs, designers, and a few partners supporting us!

Capital Contributors

Some participants include the following - more info can be found in our Token Distribution blog.

We're a DAO!

We're super open to all types of collaboration! Let us know if you want to help out!