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Stacker Ventures is built and maintained by contributors from all over the globe – visionaries, hobbyists, and cypherpunks with the common goal of building an alternative to inaccessible early-stage capital investing. We all share a strong interest in building cool ideas and a belief in the power of code to do good in the world.

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The Stacker Ventures Accelerator, reputation system, and other features will take some time to roll out, but we want your input! Join the Stacker Ventures contributors in Discord.

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While the governance of Stacker Ventures is being built out, proposals will be discussed by core contributors in Discord before being proposed and voted on. It’s not too early to submit a pre-proposal – the more ideas the better!

Help Accelerate Portfolio Projects

Starting with portfolio projects of Fund 1, community members will be rewarded for trying out, testing, sharing and contributing to the success of portfolio projects.