What is the relationship between Stacker Ventures and Fund 1?

Fund 1 was launched through an early proposal by a core contributor in the Stacker Ventures DAO with the primary focus of investing in early stage DeFi projects. A subset of Stacker Ventures DAO participants (anyone with greater than 1,000 STACK tokens) will conduct due diligence and manage Fund 1's deal flow.

In return for the Stacker Ventures DAO managing Fund 1, Fund 1 will pay 5% of its assets to the Stacker Ventures DAO Treasury.

What is the relationship between the STACK governance token and Stacker Ventures funds?

Anyone with Ethereum can join Stacker Ventures funds, but to be rewarded for sourcing investments, participate in accelerating investments, or helping manage funds, you must hold STACK tokens.

STACK token holders will also vote on the initiation of future funds!

Why were there investments in Fund 1 before it launched?

Fund 1 was seeded with 10,000,000 BET tokens through a strategic partnership, effectively providing investors with free ROI without Fund 1 having to deploy any capital.

Fund 1 has also been granted 5% of the STACK token supply to reward participants in the first Stacker Ventures fund!

A stake in ALPHA also accrued to Fund 1 through its integration with Alpha Homora during its contribution phase.

These token balances will become claimable to investors in Fund 1 after the natural dissolution of the fund around May 2022.

How/when can I claim rewards?

STACK rewards accrue every Ethereum block (currently ~13 seconds). To claim your rewards, visit stacker.vc/claim-stack, where you’ll also find up-to-date APY information.

How can I get STACK tokens?

You can get STACK tokens in a variety of ways! There are early participation incentives including liquidity mining, participation mining, participation in Fund 1, and more. Check out our "Stacker Ventures is Live" blog for details, or visit https://stacker.vc/get-stack.

You can also find STACK on Uniswap.