Stacker Ventures was launched with the goal of combining open access fund frameworks with a strong community of early adopters, testers, ethical hackers, marketers, and amplifiers – all with expert knowledge of digital assets and experience with web3 products and companies.

We believe that we can align the incentives of community investors with promising projects in a way that has not been done before!

Starting Simple

Due to the constraints of L1 Ethereum, we will start off with a couple simple (but powerful!) acceleration functions built into the Stacker Ventures DAO.

This is still under development but we hope to launch the Accelerator section of the website before Fund 1 begins making investments.

These features will include the following:

A Token-Permissioned Accelerator Portal

We want everyone to be able to participate in sourcing and accelerating investments. To access this acceleration portal you must hold at least 1 STACK.

A Token-Permissioned Due Diligence Committee for Fund 1

To allow projects to maintain privacy while undergoing due diligence, a token-permissioned due diligence committee will be set up to guide projects and propose investment terms. Members must hold 1,000 STACK to participate.

This due diligence committee will have a direct line of communication with portfolio projects.

Where We Go From Here

There are tons of fascinating participation mining innovations, L2 scaling solutions, reputation systems, and more being built out at astounding rates. Our eyes are wide open and we are excited to incorporate some of these into Stacker Ventures. As these solutions are being tried and tested, we want the broader Stacker Ventures community's input!

Let us know what you're excited about and how you see it adding value to Stacker Ventures!