Investment Process

Venture Fund 1's Investment Process

  1. DAO members source prospective investments, referring leads to the DAO's Due Diligence Committee ("DDC")

  2. The DDC assigns a Deal Lead to conduct initial due diligence and gather enough information to present to the DDC alongside a Deal Memo that includes helpful resources (overview/links/etc)

  3. A member of the DDC that is excited about the project can motion for a vote on Snapshot of at least 36 hours

  4. If the poll receives a majority of "Yes" votes, the DDC will proceed to negotiate terms and investment details

  5. If negotiations go well, the project's details will be shared in the Fund 1 Discord channel and a Snapshot poll launched (to allow for vetoing of the deal) with a minimum vote period of 36 hours

  6. If a quorum of 20% of SVC001 tokens motions in favor of vetoing an investment, the deal will not be pushed forward (by default investments will pass - a quorum is not needed to approve investments)

  7. If the quorum is not achieved, the DDC will move forward with completing the investment with the DAO Council's approval

Applying for Funding

Fund 1 is now open to applications and will begin reviewing projects after April 1, 2021. To receive funding, projects must have an ERC-20 token or plan to soon launch a token/issue tokenized equity.

Apply for Funding