Community is Our Primary Value Proposition

The Stacker Ventures community is core to the value proposition to Stacker Ventures funds and to projects seeking capital. Whereas traditional venture capital funds do not have their own community of users to support the projects they invest in with, Stacker Ventures funds have access to a unique community of early adopters, testers, ethical hackers, marketers, and amplifiers – all with expert knowledge of digital assets and experience with web3 products and companies.

Stacker Ventures will seek to reward STACK Holders for participating in the success of investments based on their involvement, contributions, and reputation within the Stacker Ventures ecosystem.

A community reputation system has yet to be developed and key details are still being finalized. As such, the following features will be rolled out over time, starting with the voting and proposals portal which we hope to launch before Fund 1 begins making investments.

Voting on Early-Stage Projects

STACK token holders that join the permissioned Due Diligence Committee will vet high-quality projects that demonstrate promising tech, teams, or ideas. This ensures that investments are aligned with community interests.

To join the Due Diligence Committee for Fund 1, you must hold 1,000 STACK tokens.

A voting portal will be constructed that allows the community to see the status of applicant projects.


The Stacker Community will support portfolio projects by engaging with the products or services, testing, amplifying, and much more. A reputation system will reward active community members for their involvement and contributions.

Portfolio Projects can leverage the Accelerator Portal to find early adopters, help, or insight from the Stacker Community.


Stacker Ventures is exploring a reputation system which may be rolled out in phases. The reputation system may involve community involvement in Fund 1 portfolio projects.