Venture Fund 1 - $SVC001

Fund 1 is now closed to contributions and will invest in promising blockchain projects over the course of 1 year (until ~May 2022).

Fund 1 is the first fund to leverage the Stacker Ventures protocol and community, and relies on a v1 Stacker Ventures Fund Framework.

Fund 1 is governed by the audited smart contract logic of a Fund Contract, which takes input from the following parties:

  • The Stacker Ventures DAO (which conducts due diligence through a permissioned committee and approve promising opportunities);

  • Fund 1 investors (who can veto investments and dissolve the fund any time);

  • and the Stacker Ventures community (who source, validate, upvote, and accelerate quality projects)

Integration with Alpha Homora: Embracing DeFi

In order to generate yield on committed capital during its contribution phase, Fund 1 launched with an integration to leading Ethereum yield generation platform Alpha Homora. This is in line with the thesis of Fund 1 to focus primarily on decentralized finance – a market in which we expect significant continued growth over the next year.

STACK Bonuses

As a reward for embracing innovation and joining Fund 1, investors of Fund 1 will receive additional STACK tokens according to the multipliers described in the STACK Distribution blog. STACK tokens will, in turn, carry governance rights to the Stacker Ventures platform, deployed as an Aragon DAO for Governance Phase 1.

Fund Details

Fund Parameters



Open Date

Fund 1 opened for capital contributions on March 1, 2021

Close Date

Block 12346260 (May 1, 2021)

Fund Lifespan

1 Year

Hard Cap

There will be a hard cap of $5m in “hard commitments” (defined below) for Fund 1. If the hard cap is met, soft commitments will have until the fund close date to withdraw from the fund. Otherwise, all soft commitments will be deposited into the fund automatically at the fund close date and locked.

Note: in the case that a hard cap is reached and soft commitments choose to leave their funds invested, the total fund capital will be greater than $5m.

After the fund closes, no more soft or hard commitments can be made.

Incentive Structure

Management fee: 5%, paid to the Stacker Ventures DAO Treasury

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