Current Strategies

Important: Active Yield Fund strategies are managed by a Managing Farmer and are subject to change without notice. However, you may monitor a whitelist of DAO-approved strategies which currently has a 7-day update lag.

Strategy Whitelist

Managing Farmers must adhere to a strategy and protocol whitelist when allocating AYF capital to different DeFi strategies. The whitelist allows the Managing Farmer to target the highest-yielding, investment-grade strategies while ensuring that strategies are vetted and that investors can view whitelisted strategies in advance to them being utilized.

The Stacker Ventures DAO will manage the whitelist for the first AYFs, and any additions or removals will be voted on by STACK holders. The DAO's voting period is currently 7 days, so investors will at a minimum have 7 days to review proposed strategies if they wish to monitor the funds' strategies.

Links to the whitelists on Etherscan can be found here.

Current Strategies

ETH: Curve sETH + Yearn

USDC: Aave + Convex

WBTC: BBTC + Convex

Polygon USDC: Curve Aave Pool

Note: These docs are managed by a distributed group of individuals and may be out of date. Please check the whitelist on Etherscan for up-to-date information. The whitelists can be found here.