As a DAO building open-source DeFi protocols, we are happy to help support integrations with our Active Yield Funds.


Our Active Yield Fund source code can be referenced here on Github or here on Etherscan.

The Active Yield Fund contracts and whitelists (and their Etherscan links) can be referenced here.

Lockup Whitelist

In order to eliminate the risk of arbitrage during our funds' weekly rebalances, a 7-day linearly decreasing lockup is enforced for most deposits to the fund.

The whitelist can be referenced in setNoLockWhitelist on Etherscan in each "Fund Treasury" contract.

Contracts and integrations that require liquid tokens upon deposit can apply to be whitelisted through the DAO. Please message [email protected] if you would like to have a contract whitelisted and we will work with you to review the integration for whitelisting.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about how our contract works or potential collaborations, please send us a message on Telegram or Discord, or message [email protected].